Nov. 29, 2020

Advent Charity Challenge Announcement - SEGEPADFO

Advent Charity Challenge Announcement - SEGEPADFO
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Visit theofficial SEGEPADFO pagefor more information!

As we did last year, Nicole of The Expat Cast (my sworn rival) and I will be facing off to see who can raise the most money for charity this Advent. SEGEPADFO stands for "Second Ever Germany Expat Podcasters Advent Donations Face Off".

This year, the charity we’ve chosen to support is Über den Tellerrand. Their aim: create opportunities for people of different cultures to meet and get to know each other, based on shared interests. Their diverse activities, mentoring programs, cookbooks and cooking courses now bring people together in over 35 cities across Germany and around the world. For more information, visit their website (in English).

While they operate all over Germany, we’ve decided to support a specific project at the Freiburg branch (local to The Expat Cast): raising money to create a portable kitchen that would enable them to expand and improve their events.

To find out how to donate, go to the official SEGEPADFO page

The loser will have to face consequences. But what consequences? We'd love your ideas - what will the losing podcast have to do? Let us know!