Feb. 17, 2020

Carnival/Fasching in Germany: "pomp and splendor" (Nina from Germany)

Carnival/Fasching in Germany:

It's the middle of Carnival (also known as Fasching or Fastnacht, depending on where in Germany you are). I am not a big fan of it, and so I got a real live German who IS a fan of it to come on the show and explain to me why she loves it.

We brush up on the origins of Carnival, we discuss some of the traditions around it, and Nina tells me of her memories of Carnival. Oh, and I rant about why I hate Carnival so much...

You'll also probably want to stick around for Nina's Döner story...

Here is Nina's Snow Queen outfit from her childhood.

The article about Fasching we referenced: What is Fasching?
An article from Deutsche Welle: The Historical Roots of Carnival in Germany

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Resident German

Nina is a German and co-hosts Die Deutsche und der Ausländer podcast with Shaun. She regularly appears on The Germany Experience to discuss observations about German culture.