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December 15, 2019

Unhappy in Germany (S from India)

Donate to my cause in the expat podcasters charity challenge (aka #FEGEPADFO): Donate to Lebenshilfe Bad Windsheim Germany offers a lot of opportunities, but it's also known as a difficult country to integrate into. What happ...

Adapting To Life In Germany

December 02, 2019

How Germany changed us (Jibran from Pakistan)

Jibran runs the Desi in Wonderland YouTube channel. He's originally from Pakistan and has been living in Germany for 5 years, so we decided to discuss how Germany has changed us. In the process, I learned a lot more than I ex...

Adapting To Life In Germany German Culture

November 19, 2019

A Berliner, a Hamburger, a Neapolitan, and a world citizen (Liliana from Italy)

Liliana is from Naples, Italy, and has lived in Germany for 7 years. She recently got her citizenship, and discusses how that happened. We also cover her reason for choosing Germany, why she'd struggle to return to Italy, and...

Adapting To Life In Germany

November 03, 2019

Being far from family when losing someone, making friends through team sports, and security in Germany (Rafael from Brazil)

One of my best friends in Germany, Rafael from Brazil, experienced loss when his father passed away, and talks about how he coped dealing with that being far from his family. He's also a handball player, and he had the chance...

Adapting To Life In Germany Making Friends In Germany

October 12, 2019

Being an English-Speaking Writer in Germany, Bringing a Pet to Germany, and "The God Queen" (Mari from USA)

Mari is a US expat living in Germany. She's also a writer and an avid pug fan. She discusses what it's like being an English-speaking writer in Germany, her book " The God Queen ", and how to bring a dog from USA into Germany...

Adapting To Life In Germany

October 06, 2019

The "Why" Has to be Right (Vlad from Romania)

Discuss this episode in the Expat Life Germany Facebook group ! Vlad from Romania was tired of the political situation in Romania, and made the choice to move to Germany. But, unlike many Romanians who emigrate to western Eur...

Adapting To Life In Germany

September 22, 2019

parkrun Germany

The parkrun concept is simple: you turn up on a Saturday morning and you walk, jog, or run 5km. The best thing? It's free. Since it started in 2004, it has become a global phenomenon. And it's a great thing for expats, too: g...

Adapting To Life In Germany

September 04, 2019

Living Abroad Teaches Us the Power of Connections (Anna from Canada)

Anna Noakes Schulze from Canada presented a TEDx talk called “ Living Abroad Teaches Us the Power of Connections ”, and in it she tells her own expat story to demonstrate how those that we make connections with shape our live...

Adapting To Life In Germany Parenting In Germany

August 12, 2019

Through the Eyes of a Newly-Arrived Expat (Sarah From Syria, Canada, et al)

I first interviewed Sarah back in July for a bonus episode , because she'd almost been caught by a scam. We had such a great discussion that I wanted to have her back on the show, and here she is. Although Sarah is new in Ber...

Adapting To Life In Germany

August 06, 2019

Tim From France - Not So Far From Home

Tim Bourguignon is a French citizen who moved to Germany to be with his wife. He describes himself as coming in four flavors: Agile Coach, Chief Learning Officer, Mentoring Advocate, and Public Speaker. He also hosts a podcas...

Adapting To Life In Germany Parenting In Germany

July 30, 2019

The E-Scooterpocalypse & Feeling Dumb in Germany

There are a lot of people—expats and Germans alike—who are not pleased about the e-scooter situation in big cities since it became legal for them to share bicycle paths and roads. E-scooter riders are apparently fast, reckles...

Adapting To Life In Germany

July 24, 2019

Natalie from Australia - From the Outback to Europe

When learning a new language, it takes a long time before you're able to express yourself and articulate your thoughts, and so it's easy to feel like you're coming across as dumb. This is just one of the topics that Natalie, ...

Adapting To Life In Germany Parenting In Germany

July 16, 2019

Shannon from USA - Church Bells and Bicycles

Meet Shannon from the USA, whose family were expats in Germany from 2009 until 2013. When they returned to the States, they realized their hearts were still in Germany, and so they immediately started making plans to go back....

Adapting To Life In Germany

July 09, 2019

Arvi From India - Founding a Startup in Germany

Arvi is from India and moved to Germany 5 years ago to complete his studies as an engineer. He did this, but instead of returning home, he moved to Berlin and founded a startup with two other entrepreneurs. His company, MyHel...

Working In Germany Adapting To Life In Germany

July 01, 2019

Lori From USA - Teaching English, Learning Languages, and Raising Bilingual Children in Germany

Lori from USA has been teaching English in Germany for almost 40 years, so it’s not surprising that she has a thing or two to say about learning new languages. In fact, her language pedigree goes back to even before she moved...

Adapting To Life In Germany Learning German German Language