Sept. 15, 2019

Defining "Expat"


What exactly is an "expat"? Turns out this question is not as straight forward as Shaun used to think. He goes into some of the problems surrounding the terminology, and also defines his interpretation of it for the podcast.

He also reads out Apple Podcast reviews for the show, talks about some blog posts on the Expat Life Germany website (5 Cultural Things to Expect in a German Workplace and Germans Are Weird About Birthdays), and discusses the traditions around the first day of school in Germany.

The Schultüte:

Expatriate on Wikipedia:

Steph Fuccio's article about Geopats:
Steph Fuccio's website:

The Settle In Berlin article: "Expat" or "Immigrant"?

Shaun will be appearing on The Expat Cast this week! 

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