March 31, 2023

Financing property in Germany (with Kerstin Brunner)

Financing property in Germany (with Kerstin Brunner)

Kerstin Brunner is a finance coach, and she comes on the podcast to discuss what goes into buying property in Germany. First we look at how to decide if purchasing a property is right for you. Then we consider the additional costs (notary fee, agent fee, etc.). And she walks us through all the steps, from deciding you want to buy through to getting the keys.

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Kerstin BrunnerProfile Photo

Kerstin Brunner

Finance Ambassador

Finance Ambassador for Financial Education with a focus on
international employees and holistic integration of security and
financial issues.

"I accompany people to be self-determined throughout their lives
and to be prepared for emergencies. By clarifying personal questions coupled with my knowledge transfer, I empower people to make independent decisions. This leads to a more relaxed and positive attitude of life."