Sept. 29, 2021

Foreigner friendships, moving back home, and “F**k it” moments (Beth & Amy from the USA)

Foreigner friendships, moving back home, and “F**k it” moments (Beth & Amy from the USA)
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Both Beth and Amy have appeared on The Germany Experience before, and now they come back on together after having forged a friendship here in Germany. But, as often happens with foreigner friendships, Amy moved back home. We discuss making friends in Germany, what it's like losing foreigner friends, reaching a point of acceptance with life in Germany, and their related tattoos.

Beth and Amy also help me answer a question from a listener who is constantly excluded from discussions at work because one of her colleagues doesn't switch to English when she's around.

Beth's appearances on The Germany Experience:
The 5 phases of culture shock (Beth from the USA)
Feeling weighed down by the pandemic, and making the trip back home (Beth from the USA)

Amy's The Germany Experience episode:
Sandals and socks, making friends with Germans, and "selfishly" staying in Germany (Amy from the USA)


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