Oct. 6, 2021

German culture: Der Struwwelpeter and other horrifying children's stories (Nina from Germany)

German culture: Der Struwwelpeter and other horrifying children's stories (Nina from Germany)
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After watching the Calvin & Habs duo do a reenactment of a German children's story called "Paulinchen", I decided to buy the collection of stories it appears in. It's called Der Struwwelpeter, named after one of the characters.

Written in 1845 by Heinrich Hoffman, the book contains a set of cautionary tales for children. Sometimes horrific, sometimes bizarre, and always entertaining, the book offers a great view into German culture of the time, including parenting insights and the view on racism.

Nina, a German who has already been a guest on the podcast several times, joins me to discuss Struwwelpeter and some of the works of the Brothers Grimm.

My German podcast with Nina: Die Deutsche und der Ausländer
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Resident German

Nina is a German and co-hosts Die Deutsche und der Ausländer podcast with Shaun. She regularly appears on The Germany Experience to discuss observations about German culture.