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Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan – Sadaf Saeed is a student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science and History in Canada. Together with her love and admiration for Germany, she currently resides in Berlin on a foreign exchange semester. Sadaf has a passion for music, history, architecture and fashion. With Berlin as her centre, she has managed to take various trips across Europe and gather ongoing inspiration in areas that fascinate her. “I have lived in many different cities and have been ‘on the go’ since the Autumn of 2019 – and I’m not tired. I want to keep going,” she says. She is a keen believer in giving oneself the chance to learn extensively about themselves and to never stop – there’s always something new to discover. In this episode, she uncovers some important parts of her journey whilst living in Germany as she tackles through different challenges and exciting moments. She also shares one tragic incident that occurred which changed her outlook on life.