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Veronica Huitzil

I grew up in Mexico in a city called Puebla, I have a bachelors in linguistics and another one in Literature, Art History and Philosophy. I've lived in many places and also have had the luck of visiting many others. When I lived in Mexico I worked as a language expert, and also was part of a team working on intercultural communication, inclusion and diversity, and that is a topic that I'm incredibly passionate about. Almost 3 years ago me and my family moved to Germany and then I decided to change my career due to some challenges I faced and spent some time studying and learning to prepare myself for this exciting and challenging process of career changing.
I am a mother of 2 toddler boys.
I would say career wise i am an advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, new work supporter and also mental health advocate.
I am now in a job that I love in a company that I love but it was not an easy journey getting here.
I love hummingbirds and I love the beach, and now since I've been to the Alps I love the mountains as well but I still daydream about beaches everyday. In my free time I do live on the moon but that’s because I think it is a pretty cool place. My favorite places are Chicago, Playa del Carmen, Puebla, the Alps and London. I love staring at nature but taking long walks in the city. This past year I became a plant lady and I love it! and on top I'm quite good at it so yay for that!. Reading, languages, learning new things, traveling, lying on the beach and scuba diving are amongst my favorite things to do. I like to paint but being in the mood is an absolute must for painting to happen. I hate waiting for paint to dry. I think that Kids are awesome. I love coffee and ice cream, like seriously those are the 2 things I could never give up. I prefer travelers over tourists, red wine over white (although I drink white wine almost every night and it's been months since I had a glass of red), hot over cold, lime over lemon and red over pink. I love being barefoot and I love to dance. Scuba diving makes me feel free. I’m a shy person trapped in an outgoing body. I like to think deeply about life and philosophize... I think in colors a lot, I'm a highly sensitive person and I am incredibly insecure when dealing with how direct Germans are. I think romance is cool and hugs & kisses are underrated.