June 15, 2022

Helping families to meet like-minded families (Dzhangar from MatchFamilies)

Helping families to meet like-minded families (Dzhangar from MatchFamilies)

During Dzhangar's first years in Germany, he noticed what many foreigners notice: how difficult it was for his family to meet other like-minded families. And making friends is crucial. It helps to make you feel more at home, and it gives you a support system for when you need help.

So Dzhangar quit his job and started working on an app that would help families connect with each other. That app is MatchFamilies. He joins me in this episode to discuss his initial troubles in Germany, what it was like quitting his job to start a new company, and he explains how the app works.

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Dzhangar Sanzhiev


Dzhangar Sanzhiev is the founder of the MatchFamilies App based in Krefeld, Germany. His background is in the HR consulting space where he worked as a General Manager and a Sales Leader in such countries as Thailand, Russia and Germany. He is married and has 2 daughters.