Feb. 9, 2022

How to be a good dinner guest in a German home (Nina from Germany)

How to be a good dinner guest in a German home (Nina from Germany)
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Getting invited to a German's home for dinner is difficult enough, but if it happens, you're probably nearing the German's "inner circle". But how do you behave? What is good etiquette? Are there unwritten rules you need to know about? For foreigners, being a dinner guest in a German's home can feel like daunting minefield.

But actually, it's really not. Allegedly German Nina joins me for this episode to take us step-by-step through being a dinner guest in a German's home, starting from getting a small gift through to how to signal that you're done eating your food.

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Resident German

Nina is a German and co-hosts Die Deutsche und der Ausländer podcast with Shaun. She regularly appears on The Germany Experience to discuss observations about German culture.