July 13, 2020

Just a diplomatic spouse (Alexandra from Romania)

Just a diplomatic spouse (Alexandra from Romania)
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Being the spouse of a diplomat comes with a very specific lifestyle: you move around a lot, you don't stay in a country for long, and you never know where you'll be moved to next.

Alexandra Paucescu is a Romanian married to a diplomat, and she has been based in Germany for several years. We discuss what a day in her life is like, whether or not she regrets giving up a management career for her current role, how she suffered from mild depression in her early time in Germany, and also gives some advice that doesn't just apply to diplomats, but to any foreigner moving from country to country.

We also discuss her self-published book, "Just a Diplomatic Spouse", that is, in her words, "a diary, a book on diplomatic etiquette, lifestyle and travel blog, ALL IN ONE".

Purchase the book from Amazon: Just a Diplomatic Spouse 
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