Sept. 4, 2019

Living Abroad Teaches Us the Power of Connections (Anna from Canada)

Living Abroad Teaches Us the Power of Connections (Anna from Canada)
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Anna Noakes Schulze from Canada presented a TEDx talk called “Living Abroad Teaches Us the Power of Connections”, and in it she tells her own expat story to demonstrate how those that we make connections with shape our lives and who we are, even if we don't live near them. This will resonate with many expats, and so I invited her to come on the show.

In this interview, she expands on the TEDx talk to reveal her wisdom and insights that describe the expat experience. She discusses the question of identity, learning German too fast, raising special needs children in Germany, and of course, the talk itself.

Anna Noakes Schulz is in theExpat Life Germany Facebook group, so if you have questions about her TEDx talk or her interview on the podcast, you can ask her there!

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Music used in this episode: Until the End by Ryan Anderson; the theme song is “Devil In My Head” by 10 Cent Janes