SEGEPADFO: Expat Podcasters in Germany Charity Initiative

We’re Nicole from The Expat Cast, and Shaun from The Germany Experience. We’re two expat podcasters living in Germany. Being sworn rivals, we face off against each other each Christmas to see who can raise the most money for charity. 

This year, the charity we’ve chosen to support is Über den Tellerrand. Their aim: create opportunities for people of different cultures to meet and get to know each other, based on shared interests. For more information, visit their website (in English).

While they operate all over Germany, we’ve decided to support a specific project at the Freiburg branch (local to The Expat Cast): raising money to create a portable kitchen that would enable them to expand and improve their events.

What you need to do: donate on behalf of either The Expat Cast or The Germany Experience. Make sure that you write one of our podcast names in the comments field of the donation form, so we know which podcast to count your donation for. 

How to donate: 

  1. Go to the donation page:
  2. Fill in your details and donate! Don’t forget to write the podcast name you’re donating on behalf of in the comment field (the one titled “Your public comment” in English or "Dein öffentlicher Kommentar" in German)
  3. Listen to The Expat Cast and The Germany Experience podcasts for weekly updates, challenges, and more silliness over the Advent period. 

Nicole challenged Shaun to write a jingle, and then Shaun challenged Nicole to do backing vocals. Here's the result:

Get donating!