May 12, 2021

Planning a summer trip to the mountains (Ceri from the UK)

Planning a summer trip to the mountains (Ceri from the UK)
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If things in Germany continue easing up, vacation will again be possible this summer. A very popular tourist destination is the mountainous region of Bavaria. Ceri, originally from the UK, runs a mountain tour and trekking company there called Four Elements.

She joins me to discuss how to avoid tourist hot spots in the mountains this summer, how to prepare for a trip, and also how her love for the outdoors has shaped her time in Germany.

Ceri's mountain tour company:
Karwendel, the hiking region she mentioned:
German Alpine Club (Deutscher Alpenverein):
Ceri on Instagram: and @ceri_temple
Ceri on Facebook: (
Ceri's podcast, The Grow Zone - Real Time Adventurers:

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