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Auf Wiederhören

I joined this podcast just a couple of weeks ago. I'm a German native who's trying to improve her English by listening English podcasts as much as possible. So my experience with English podcasts is quite wide. When I started first listening your podcast I was like 'Okay, give it a try, even though I probably know everything the expats will talk about, since after all I'm a German' But I have to confess your podcast is so informative and inspiring that I can't stop listen to it. Becoming aware of things that Germans consider quite normal indeed gives me a different view of my country - positive as well as negativ. Every episode, every single story is so exciting.
Btw, I named my review "Auf Wiederhören" as I'm always pleased to hear your lively and enthusiastic voice at the end of the episode.

Dec. 17, 2021 by Marion on This Website

The Germany Experience