Jan. 12, 2020

SOFA status, growing a thicker skin, and tracking a stolen phone with the Polizei (Audrey & Zach from USA)

Audrey and Zach met while in the USA. When Zach, a cartographer, moved to Germany on a SOFA status (Status of Forces Agreement), they first attempted a long-distance relationship before Audrey joined him later in Germany. Take a listen to their story, which involves cuckoo clocks, a ride in the back of a German police car, and how to watch a TV show together on different continents.

We also discuss a blog post that Audrey wrote called "Growing a Thicker Skin", and she opens up about fitting into German culture as a bubbly, open person.

The app Audrey and Zach used while living apart: Couple
The therapy service Audrey uses: BetterHelp
Website for organizing meet-ups with people: https://www.meetup.com/
Audrey's blog: https://www.a-broad.com/
Zach's blog: https://zachsyearingermany.wordpress.com/

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