March 1, 2021

Sparkling wine receptions, digitization, WG living, and coming to Germany on a scholarship (Alex from the USA)

Sparkling wine receptions, digitization, WG living, and coming to Germany on a scholarship (Alex from the USA)
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Alex is originally from Nebraska, USA, but is now living in Hamburg. She joins me with a glass of sparkling wine to discuss, among other things, her love for "zu verschenken" culture, how scholarships offer a world of opportunity for coming to and staying in Germany, and how living in a WG has given her an insight into German life that she might not have had otherwise. 

She also talks about the German things that fascinate her: the lack of digitization, strange opening hours, and Kirchensteuer (church tax). And I discover that there is something called "Kinderlosenbeitrag", or "childless fee", which she has to pay because she has no children. 

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Alexandrea Swanson

Managing Director #SheTransformsIT BDI e.V.

A Nebraskan turned Germanophile. Alexandrea (Alex) Swanson first moved from Omaha to Marburg back in 2014, in order to pursue a Fulbright Scholarship. Seven years, a Masters Degree and a few jobs (and cities) later, Alex now calls Berlin her home. She currently serves as managing director for the #SheTransformsIT initiative at the Federation of German Industries, which aims on getting more women into IT and digitalization. In her spare time, she curates the deutschaf instagram account, which seeks to advise other expats on how they can better integrate. Any ideas on how to get more women into IT in Germany or interested in a deutschaf collaboration? Feel free to get in touch!