April 8, 2023

The diversity trend, Misfit Models, and German bureaucracy when starting a company (Del from the UK)

The diversity trend, Misfit Models, and German bureaucracy when starting a company (Del from the UK)
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Just do a Google search for Del Keens, and you will see that he's someone with a unique story. After moving to Germany, he started a character modeling agency called Misfit Models. He joins me as a guest in this episode to discuss why he came to Germany, how he faced German bureaucracy when he started Misfit Models, how he feels that the current diversity focus is a trend, and he talks about the impact Brexit has had on his life. 

Find Del online:

Del Keens Bio:
When Del moved from London to Berlin in 2006, he was already well-booked model. Del Keens had been in front of the lens for Diesel Jeans, Levi's and Calvin Klein. Without a washboard stomach, but as a face full of character.

In Germany, however, he realised that there was no use for character models like himself on the local market. Instead of real personalities, advertising relied and still relies on the same perfect faces and flawless bodies. Identification potential equals zero.

That's why Del founded Misfit Models in 2012 - the modelling agency for character faces like himself.

Goggle Del Keens for more information.

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