Dec. 1, 2021

The leaving Germany episode

The leaving Germany episode

Not every Germany experience ends with permanent residency or German citizenship. For some, the plan was never to stay for longer than a few years, or things change during the stay, or some other unforeseen occurrence (cough COVID) makes it necessary to leave. This episode focuses on the stories of three previous guests who have since left the country. I talk to them about their time in Germany, why they left, what they miss about Germany, and what their life is like now.

My guests are all Canadian, and their stories are all tied together by Toronto. Here are the episodes they previously appeared on:

Sarah S: Through the Eyes of a Newly-Arrived Expat

Sarah C: The attraction of Munich, the versatility of “Doch!”, and environmentalism in Germany

 Amy: A serial expat in Germany

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Nicole of The Expat Cast and I are once again competing in our annual charity challenge to see which podcast can raise the most money for our chosen cause. This year, it's Kinderlachen, which helps children across Germany who are in need or ill. The project I am supporting on focuses on  helping children who face unexpected difficulties due to serious illness, an accident or other personal circumstances.

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