Sept. 25, 2022

The Welcome To Germany Summit on 29th September 2022

The Welcome To Germany Summit on 29th September 2022

A group of experts (including me!) has come together to organize a free online event for everyone interested in moving to and living in Germany - expats, internationals, immigrants, name it.

In this special episode, I talk about the summit and also bring on its organizers to go through the list of topics that will be covered.


29th September 2022 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The topics that will be covered: 

  • The main steps of your relocation in Germany
  • Learning German for your career in Germany
  • What I wish I knew when I was you: stories from an intercultural trainer 
  • How business English gives you an upper hand in the German market
  • Transitioning from student visa to job seeker visa to work permit
  • Movement is key when working from home
  • The Actual Job Search - How to search for a Job in Germany
  • Navigating German work culture(s)
  • Financial Education: Guidance on your "German" journey
  • The Emotional Journey of the Expat: How to recognize when grief hits and what to do about it
  • Advice for adapting and integrating in Germany, from discussions with 100+ foreigners

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