May 26, 2021

Three amazing women from German history (Jasmin from HerStory)

Three amazing women from German history (Jasmin from HerStory)

Jasmin is the host of a podcast called Herstory, which tells the stories of strong women from history. Her podcast inspired this week's episode: a look back at incredible (and underappreciated) women from Germany's history. And to tell these stories, I'm joined by Jasmin herself. 

The women we'll focus on all faced adversity of some kind, but went on to do monumental things that still impact Germany and the world today:

  • Elisabeth Selbert (, who was responsible for Article 3 in the German Grundgesetz: "Männer und Frauen sind gleichberechtigt" ("Men and women are equal"). She is called one of the "mothers of the Grundgesetz". 
  • Margarete Steiff (, who founded the Steiff toy company. It is famous for its toys and the teddy bear, and still exists to this day.
  • Gerda Taro (, who was the first female war photographer. She photographed the Spanish Civil War and died on the front. Her legacy was later eclipsed by her romantic and professional partner, Robert Capa.  

We also get two "honorable mentions" from Jasmin: Anita Augspurg, a German suffragette who fought for women’s rights, and Beate Uhse, a German pilot, entrepreneur, and sex pioneer.

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