Oct. 12, 2019

Being an English-Speaking Writer in Germany, Bringing a Pet to Germany, and "The God Queen" (Mari from USA)

Being an English-Speaking Writer in Germany, Bringing a Pet to Germany, and
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Mari is a US expat living in Germany. She's also a writer and an avid pug fan. She discusses what it's like being an English-speaking writer in Germany, her book "The God Queen", and how to bring a dog from USA into Germany.

To win a signed copy of "The God Queen", find the episode post on one of the Expat Life Germany social media channels and follow the instructions:

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Doing the above will enter you into the draw to win the book. You can be entered once for each platform, so that means you can be entered a maximum of three times. I'll do the draw on 22 October and announce the winner on the show on 28 October.

Find Mari: 

The Adventures of La Mari on YouTube
M.L Tishner blog (her writing site)
Advetures of La Mari blog (her travel adventures)
Mari on Instagram
Mari on Twitter