The Germany Experience is a podcast that is focused on experiences and stories of Germany as told by foreigners. It is not intended to provide help or resources for expats in Germany. But here is a list of other resources, many that do just that! This page lists other sites and resources that might be interesting for you as an outsider in Germany. It’s a living, breathing list, so I will update it over time. 

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the information or content provided on any of these pages! I am also in no way affiliated with any of these sites or resources.

Guides for Moving to and Living in Germany

  • Simple Germany - Lots of information about life in Germany, including taxes, insurances, cost of living, and more.
  • Expatica Germany – A comprehensive guide to life in Germany, including blog posts, an “About Germany” section, information about moving to Germany, forums, and much, much more.
  • How To Germany – Pretty much what it says on the tin. You’ll find a lot of information here, from getting married in Germany through to sports in Germany.
  • Expat Focus Germany – Another guide to life in Germany, with expat profiles.
  • IamExpat – Great collection of blogs, resources, and news stories.
  • Live Work Germany – Help for moving to Germany and the culture here.
  • – Cultural guide, news analysis, and much more.

German News in English

  • Deutsche Welle – Top German and international news stories in English.
  • The Local – News stories and blog posts in English (some of the content requires a paid subscription).
  • Spiegel International – News analysis in English.

YouTube Channels

  • Antoinette Emily – New Zealander living in Germany.
  • Rewboss – Covering Germany’s culture, quirks and history.
  • Diana Verry – Your guide to life in Germany.
  • Wanted Adventure – Videos about personal experiences in Germany, and cultural differences between Germany and USA.
  • Montana Showalter – Vlogger who was previously an exchange student in Germany.
  • Simple Germany - The YouTube channel for, with lots of tips and insights into life in Germany
  • Life in Germany - Vlog about life in Germany and tips for integrating