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Kind of a great chat. But ... (the German here) as to humor: everybody has a different view on it. But being German _I_ would say that a lot of humor, if one could call it that, in the US is primitive "Schadenfreude". People tumbling and falling. What is humorous about that? That is definitely not…

Grateful soon to be Auslander...

Thank you Shaun and all contributors! We're a family of Americans who will soon be making a corporate move to Germany. This podcast was the first we found while preparing to move, and it's been a gentle and relatable introduction to German culture. We've taken your book recommendations and other me…

A wonderful escape during my mundane job

Sitting in my job in Ohio and dreaming of going to Europe during the Coronaviruses, this podcast gives me a nice retreat, well done

Entertaining and infuriating

Found this podcast by accident and got curious about what immigrants think about my country. The show is quite entertaining, although somewhat infuriating. After ~60 episodes I'm convinced this whole thing is an elaborate scam with the sole purpose of triggering German listeners by sneaking in smal…

jugendwort des jahres

es ist mittwoch meine kerle ist von r/ich_iel(das deutsche gegenstück von r/i_irl), nicht von r/de. digga wird von jedem benutzt, auch teens. btw denke ich nicht, dass jugendsprache nur von nflix kommt. eine gute quelle für memes wäre you looked.exe. und wenn du einen amerikaner beim meme reacted s…

A wealth of knowledge and humour

I came across this podcast when I was part of the parkrun group interviewed for one of the earlier podcasts. I have become a regular listener (having never really been a podcast listener before). I have lived in Germany for 7 years and to listen to other people’s experiences and realize that I am n…

50 Years Later

I love hearing these interviews, and comparing the experiences of modern-day expats with mine from the year I spent in Germany in the late 1960’s. Shaun and his guests approach the subject of adapting to life in Germany with humor, exceptional insight, and a display of sentiment. Thanks to all of t…

Excellent podcast!

Each episode has something that speaks to me... I love it! I found the Fasching episode interesting because not all of us are big fans of it. There are pros and cons to wherever you live. Dankeschön 😊

Great Perspective on Germany

I’ve been a fan of this podcast for a few months now, and it’s only getting better as Shaun settles into a unique style and direction. He’s got a great radio voice, and takes the time plan out his interviews and topics well, with impressive editing. I’m excited to see what he’s got in store for…

Lots of practical advices

Very lively podcast with a whole bunch of stories and practical advices. Way to go Shaun!

Story-sharing in a fun way!

So many different stories of people with diverse backgrounds end up discovering the joys (and sometimes woes) of living in Germany. Thanks to Shaun we get to hear and learn from them! Hope to enjoy many more new episodes... :)

From a Germans perspective:

This podcast lets me appreciate my home country more and more. Shaun does a great job as a host, has a good voice, and I like his eyes.

Funny, relaxed and informative

Love this podcast. Gives a good overview and tips. Shaun is a super Host and very likeable. Will be waiting and listening out for the next episodes. Thanks!


Great Podcast, very entertaining and funny host! 👍