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Helping families to meet like-minded families (Dzhangar from MatchFamilies)

June 15, 2022

During Dzhangar's first years in Germany, he noticed what many foreigners notice: how difficult it was for his family to meet other like-minded families. And making friends is crucial. It helps to make you feel more at home,…

Adapting To Life In Germany Resources

Language barrier problems, and overcoming the challenges involved with reporting sexual assault (Mei Chi from Hong Kong)

April 6, 2022

When Mei Chi arrived in Germany, she faced several challenges caused by the language and cultural barrier. Not understanding German can result in some minor inconveniences that make funny stories later on, but other misunder…

Adapting To Life In Germany Resources

Health insurance in Germany Q&A, with Techniker Krankenkasse

Nov. 17, 2021

You sent in your questions about health insurance in Germany, and this week a representative from Techniker Krankenkasse, Nina, is here to answer them. You can also get an idea of what to expect from a health insurance fund…