May 24, 2020

You go me on the cookie! (Dana Newman from Wanted Adventure)

You go me on the cookie! (Dana Newman from Wanted Adventure)

Dana Newman of Wanted Adventure discusses learning German, how German is NOT orderly, her book “You go me on the cookie!”, and her YouTube channel.

Dana Newman from the Wanted Adventure YouTube channel joins me to discuss her book, "You go me on the cookie!". The book (written in German) describes Dana's adventures (and misadventures) learning German, and also highlights the quirks and beauty of the German language. It was written for German native speakers, but it is definitely relatable for anyone who has learnt German at any level. So I got Dana on the podcast to discuss her book, the German language, and her YouTube channel.

To see the postcard that Dana refers to in the interview about how German is not orderly, click here.

"You go me on the cookie!" is available in bookstores in Germany as well as online (also on Amazon) - as paperback and Ebook: 

 Wanted Adventure YouTube channel: 



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