June 4, 2019

Dwight From Australia - Controlling the Transmission

Dwight From Australia - Controlling the Transmission
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Dwight Steven-Boniecki is an Australian transmission controller, writer, and film maker living in Cologne, Germany. He explains how he ended up in Germany and he shares his advice for expats (it has to do with dealing with the German authorities). He also has a tip for job seekers in Germany: request a straight vodka from the interviewers at the end. Plus: the world premier of a song Dwight co-wrote, called “Who Threw That Rock”, which may or may not be the greatest song ever written.

Shaun also rounds up some other topics that might be of interest to expats: there are proposals to increase the already-too-expensive Rundfunktbeitrag, the FIFA Women’s World Cup starts soon, and E-Scooters may now utilize bicycle paths and streets. 

For detailed show notes, go to https://expatlifegermany.de/2

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