April 28, 2020

German culture: The top 10 grossing German movies (Dominik from the Ach! podcast)

German culture: The top 10 grossing German movies (Dominik from the Ach! podcast)
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A good way to explore Germany's culture is through its movies. And what better way to do that than to look at the German movies that have had the most success in Germany?

But you'll be surprised at the movies that the Germans have flocked to see at the cinemas! In fact, think of the most famous German movie you know. I can almost guarantee that whatever movie you're thinking of is not in the top 10.

Dominik, one of the hosts of the German podcast Ach!, joins me to discuss the list, to explain how the top 4 movies are all related, and to speculate about what the top 10 reveals about German culture. See the full list of movies on the Inside Kino site.

Here are the notes from our discussion with links to the celebrities and movies we mentioned:

Other notes:

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