Sept. 28, 2020

German youth words of 2020 (Nina from Germany)

German youth words of 2020 (Nina from Germany)
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Every year, the Langenscheidt publishing house searches for the youth word of that year. It's happening again, and Nina from Germany (who previously appeared in the Fasching episode back in February) helps me explain the words and the memes behind them. We also try and figure out if the youth actually uses these words...

The words we discuss: Schabernack, Mittwoch, Sauftrag, Wild, Lost, Köftespiess, Digga, Cringe, and Mashallah 

Some links to things we mention in the discussion: 

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Resident German

Nina is a German and co-hosts Die Deutsche und der Ausländer podcast with Shaun. She regularly appears on The Germany Experience to discuss observations about German culture.