Oct. 19, 2022

Hidden grief, loss of identity, and getting to know the German version of a loved one (Katie Rössler from the USA)

Hidden grief, loss of identity, and getting to know the German version of a loved one (Katie Rössler from the USA)

Katie Rössler, author of The New Face of Grief, comes on the podcast to discuss the role that hidden grief might play in the lives of foreigners in a new country. She also discusses the toll a move to a new country can take on a couple. And of course, she offers advice of how to navigate these difficult issues.

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Katie RösslerProfile Photo

Katie Rössler

Transformative Grief Guide / Licensed Counselor / Author / Speaker

Katie has been described by many as the Brené Brown of hidden grief. Guiding transformative coaches and healers in understanding how hidden grief molds our personality and identities, two of
our greatest tools for growth to live a life of purpose and legacy.
She brings a fresh, new perspective to an experience that so many of us try to avoid. Katie has
worked in homes, schools, locked facilities, community centres and private practice providing
therapy and grief support to hundreds of clients both in the USA and in Germany. Katie is the author
of the book The New Face of Grief and the second book she is co-authoring will be out this fall.
Katie has presented workshops to The Boston Consulting Group, Facebook Community Circles
Munich, MOPS International, Creative Mornings Munich and Women Entrepreneurs of Munich. Her
newest research on how hidden grief impacts our identity and personality will be leading the next
generation of coaches and therapists to improve the work they do with their clients. Katie has
discovered that hidden grief can negatively impact how we see ourselves and keep us from accepting
personality characteristics that are actually our strengths.
She is also the Founder of the Legacy Growth Methodology® Certification available for
transformative coaches, healers, psychologists and the medical fie