June 29, 2022

Probezeit: The first six months in a German job (Lisa Janz, Job Coach Germany)

Probezeit: The first six months in a German job (Lisa Janz, Job Coach Germany)

The first six months in a new job is important. In Germany, it is usually a trial period - or "Probezeit" - and it is a chance for you to get to know your team, company, and more. Lisa Janz, who runs Job Coach Germany, joins me to discuss what you should look out for, what you should be asking yourself and your employer, and other advice about the Probezeit.

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Lisa Janz

Job Coach Germany

💡 My mission is to offer national and international professionals support throughout the entire job application process. I have a passion for the future of work and I believe that all applicants should have equal opportunities to be invited to job interviews, conduct them confidently and thus win their dream job through strategy and extraordinary preparation. This is what drives me forward every day. 💕

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