Aug. 11, 2021

RERUN: Germany chose me (Sneha from India)

RERUN: Germany chose me (Sneha from India)
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//This episode was originally aired on 16th November 2020//

Sneha from India moved to Germany in 2011. A professional Indian classical dancer, she was expecting something similar to New York, where people knew about the artform of Indian classical dance. Instead, she found herself constantly having to explain to Germans that it wasn't Bollywood dancing that she does...

Sneha explains how she quickly started establishing herself in her artform in Germany by putting on shows, and then later teaching young girls the art of Bharatanatyam. She also takes us through the story of how, when her personal life began falling apart, Munich showed her love and gave her life. And, we discuss the uncertainty that artists face when they choose to dedicate their life to their passion.

Sneha on Instagram:  snetanz
Sneha's dance institute: abhinayaindischertanz


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