July 20, 2022

The Berlin episode (recorded live @ PodFest Berlin 2022)

The Berlin episode (recorded live @ PodFest Berlin 2022)

I've always felt a special connection to Berlin. But what is it like to live there? I am joined by three foreigners living in Berlin who discuss their stories, what they love about living in Berlin, and various other aspects of life in the city. 

My guests: 

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Recorded live at PodFest Berlin 2022 on July 16th, 2022.

The Germany Experience will be on a summer break until later this year. In the meantime, reruns of 2021 episodes will be posted regularly.

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Geoffrey RudeProfile Photo

Geoffrey Rude


A filmmaker and voice over artist that grew up in California, USA. After graduating high school he went on several backpacking tours through Europe and eventually decided to move to Vienna, Austria to learn the German language for a few months. This eventually put him on the path towards Berlin and those few months turned into many, many years.

Alex BloomProfile Photo

Alex Bloom


A kindergarten teacher that grew up in the little state of Rhode Island, USA. A few months after graduating college, Alex had a conversation with a friend living in Berlin. After a bit of convincing, he booked a one way ticket to Berlin, having never been to Europe in his whole life. Once there, he found a job, took some German classes and decided to stay for the long term.

Olivera DarkoProfile Photo

Olivera Darko


Olivera is a content creator living in Berlin. On her Instagram and YouTube channels, she produces content about being vegan and life in Berlin (among other things).