Nov. 3, 2021

The Expat Spouses Report - the results are in (Amaia from Expats & Spouses Monitor)

The Expat Spouses Report - the results are in (Amaia from Expats & Spouses Monitor)
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How educated are expat spouses? How do they feel about life in Germany? What word would they use to describe Germany? A new study  by Expats & Spouses Monitor answers these questions, and more.

Back in February 2021, Amaia, originally from Spain, joined me to talk about the study that the Expats & Spouses Monitor was doing. Essentially, they wanted to look at the situation and feelings of expats and their spouses living in Germany. And now, the results are in. Amaia returns to the show to go through the results with me. One of the biggest conclusions is no surprise: Expat spouses are highly educated and have previous work experience, and they remain an untapped goldmine for Germany. Amaia also explains what they will do with this data now that they have it.

The Feb 2021 episode that Amaia was on: The gender expatriation gap, trailing spouses, and the expat skill pool in Germany (Amaia from Spain)

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