September 28, 2020

German youth words of 2020 (Nina from Germany)

Every year, the Langenscheidt publishing house searches for the youth word of that year. It's happening again, and Nina from Germany (who previously appeared in the Fasching episode back in February) helps me explain the word...

German Culture German Language Featuring Nina

September 21, 2020

Germany and climate change (Patrick Niedermayer from Germany)

For foreigners living in Germany, you might be thinking that you live in a country that is doing a lot to combat global warming. After all, Germany signed the Paris Agreement, and it put together the Klimapaket (climate packa...

September 18, 2020

BONUS - Recent German history, and escaping East Berlin by pretending to be a swan (Emma from the USA)

In this outtake from my interview with Emma from the USA, we discuss recent German history, and how to win freedom by pretending to be a swan. Follow Emma on Instagram JOIN THE THE GERMANY EXPERIENCE FACEBOOK GROUP Visit the ...

September 14, 2020

Emma dances here (Emma from the USA)

Emma is a dancer who moved from New York City to Berlin. Even though Berlin is a big city, she still has to adjust to the slower pace of life here. She also discusses why there is more freedom to be adventurous with your care...

Adapting To Life In Germany

September 07, 2020

Everything changes all the time: finding your place in Germany (Shaked from Israel)

Shaked moved from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Germany to take the next step in her dance career: a move to dance management or production. But does she want to leave the actual dancing aspect behind? And how can she adapt when the G...

Adapting To Life In Germany

September 01, 2020

RERUN: Living abroad teaches us the power of connections (Anna from Canada)

Originally released on September 4th, 2019 (episode #14). Anna Noakes Schulze from Canada presented a TEDx talk called “ Living Abroad Teaches Us the Power of Connections ”, and in it she tells her own expat story to demonstr...

Adapting To Life In Germany

August 24, 2020

RERUN: Discussing German stereotypes with Nicole from The Expat Cast

Originally released on October 20th, 2019 (episode #20). Are Germans really efficient? Do they like order? Are they as punctual as everyone says they are? Nicole, a US expat living in Germany and the host of The Expat Cast , ...

German Culture

August 17, 2020

RERUN: Teaching English, Learning Languages, and Raising Bilingual Children in Germany (Lori from USA)

Originally released on July 2nd, 2019 (episode #6). Lori from USA has been teaching English in Germany for almost 40 years, so it’s not surprising that she has a thing or two to say about learning new languages. In fact, her ...

Parenting In Germany Finding A Job & Working In Germany German Language

August 12, 2020

An update on my hospital visit, and audio logs from my hospital room

I spent two nights in hospital recently, and during my stay, I recorded several audio logs about my experience. You can hear them in this bonus episode. Since I won't be able to edit the podcast while I recover, I will be put...

August 03, 2020

German culture: The top 10 selling musical artists in Germany (Craig from Scotland)

In order to better understand the music tastes of Germans, Craig from Scotland joins me to look at the top 10 selling musical artists in Germany. This includes German and international acts who have sold the most albums since...

German Culture

July 27, 2020

African abroad (Tania from Kenya)

Tania was born in Kenya and has lived in five different African countries. After a short time in Thailand, she’s landed up in Germany, and she feels like this is somewhere she can stay for a longer time. Some of the reasons f...

Adapting To Life In Germany Making Friends In Germany

July 20, 2020

Sandals and socks, making friends with Germans, and "selfishly" staying in Germany (Amy from the USA)

Amy always had a dream of living in Germany, and even happened to marry someone who felt the same way. So living here has kind of been a dream come true. And generally, Amy is really happy here -- she admits that she was "rig...

Making Friends In Germany Adapting To Life In Germany

July 13, 2020

Just a diplomatic spouse (Alexandra from Romania)

Being the spouse of a diplomat comes with a very specific lifestyle: you move around a lot, you don't stay in a country for long, and you never know where you'll be moved to next. Alexandra Paucescu is a Romanian married to a...

Finding A Job & Working In Germany Adapting To Life In Germany

July 06, 2020

Singing schlager music in Germany, and misogyny in the music industry (Sarah Jane Scott from the USA)

Sarah Jane Scott is an American who has had success as a Schlager singer in Germany. But how does an English-speaking "Ausländer" become a Schlager star? Sarah Jane explains her path to Germany and her Schlager success, talks...

Adapting To Life In Germany

June 29, 2020

A southern liberal in Germany, running a coffee shop, and casual German racism (Christy from the USA)

Christy is a southern liberal who opened a coffee shop in Germany. Over a Pfälzer Weinschorle, she discusses how she tried to integrate herself the “right” way, how Germany is not the best country for special needs children, ...

Adapting To Life In Germany

June 22, 2020

Trilingualism, switching between languages, and Italian words adopted by German (Carmen from Italy)

Carmen is a trilingual Italian living in Munich, Germany. She speaks Italian, German and English fluently, and joins me to discuss her path to becoming trilingual, how she balances three languages, and the effects of learning...

German Language

June 15, 2020

The 5 phases of culture shock (Beth from the USA)

Beth from the USA moved to Germany to be with her husband, and she found that her adjustment period resembled the 5 stages of culture shock very closely. We talk about how she dealt with each stage, and where she is now on th...

Adapting To Life In Germany

June 09, 2020

Broken systems, turning points, and racism in Germany (Jessica from Germany)

Jessica is a German African American who has lived in Germany since she was in kindergarten. She joins me for this episode to discuss the recent events that started with George Floyd, and the racism that she deals with on a r...

May 30, 2020

One year anniversary live stream - recorded 29th May 2020

Recorded from a Facebook live stream to celebrate one year of The Germany Experience podcast. I answer listener questions, list my top 5 highlights of having a podcast, and talk to previous guests on the show. Dwight's YouTub...

May 25, 2020

You go me on the cookie! (Dana Newman from Wanted Adventure)

Dana Newman from the Wanted Adventure YouTube channel joins me to discuss her book, "You go me on the cookie!". The book (written in German) describes Dana's adventures (and misadventures) learning German, and also highlights...

German Language

May 18, 2020

Seven months as an exchange student in Germany (Montana Showalter from the USA)

Montana Showalter was an American high school student who went on an exchange program to Germany (called CBYX ). At around the same time, she started a YouTube channel intended to document her experiences in Germany. Little d...

Adapting To Life In Germany

May 11, 2020

Learning German with apps, and working in the video games industry (Thomas from the UK)

Thomas Cartwright is originally from the UK, and landed up in Hamburg working for a video games developer called InnoGames . He explains why a company like InnoGames is a good fit for foreigners looking for opportunities in G...

Adapting To Life In Germany

May 04, 2020

Traveling with teenagers, and interrupted travel plans (Linda from the USA)

Travelteening is a blog that gives travel advice for traveling with teens. The blogger behind it, Linda from the USA, joins me to discuss the value her family sees in traveling, their three-year-plan to give their children th...

Parenting In Germany Adapting To Life In Germany

April 28, 2020

German culture: The top 10 grossing German movies (Dominik from the Ach! podcast)

A good way to explore Germany's culture is through its movies. And what better way to do that than to look at the German movies that have had the most success in Germany? But you'll be surprised at the movies that the Germans...

German Culture